Brand Story

We design timeless leather bags crafted mindfully with quality sustainable materials. Each bag is designed in our Los Angeles studio and handcrafted in small batches by our ethical factory partners in Italy. Transparency & care for the environment are at the core of what we do. 

We are passionate about supporting healthy working conditions for all. A portion of the profits from each order are donated to liberate, educate and support victims of human trafficking.

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Meet the Founder

Andrea founded Findlay after falling in love with leather for its strength and ability to become more beautiful with time and use. She struggled to find a polished leather bag that could transition throughout her busy day and make a subtle statement about her personal style and ethics. So she tried her hand at designing her dream tote and Findlay was born. She believes in creating classic and timeless pieces that are thoughtfully designed and made with responsibly sourced materials.


Sustainability and caring for people and our planet is the "why" behind Findlay's beginning. It's the lens through which we make most every decision in our company - everything from sourcing sustainable materials, to choosing shipping materials made from recycled materials.

We believe sustainability is a journey and we are constantly striving for better. Below are our 4 Sustainability Markers.

+ Sustainable Materials

+ Small Scale Production

+ Minimizing Waste

+ Fair Wages & Safe Working Conditions

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Our Leather

Our pieces are crafted from 100% traceable full grain vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Vegetable tanning is one of the oldest forms of processing the leather where natural tannins from tree bark and plants are used to tan the leather rather than harsh chemicals. Only 10% of the worlds leather is made in this way because it is more time and labor intensive; however, it produces a leather that is durable, sweet smelling and buttery soft. It lasts longer and is biodegradable at the ends of its useful life. Once you've experienced it, you'll never go back. It's leather in its purist and most beautiful form.


Ethically Made

We partner with suppliers and factories that pay fair wages & provide safe working environments for their employees

Sustainable Materials

We use high quality sustainable materials including 100% traceable Italian vegetable-tanned leather & GOTS certified organic cotton.

Conserving Water

Our organic cotton lining uses 91% less water to produce than regular cotton. The waste water produced throughout the leather tanning process is retreated and reused.