Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We love everything leather and designing timeless, minimalist and thoughtful leather goods, but caring for people and our planet is really the why behind Findlay's beginning.

We believe sustainability is a journey and we are far from perfect. Click through the dropdown below to learn what we're doing now and our sustainability goals for the future in the following 4 areas. 

OUR LEATHER - We use 100% traceable, full grain, vegetable-tanned leather. Our Italian tannery partner is a certified LWG (Leather Working Group) member and also the supplier for many of the world's top luxury brands. Vegetable-tanning is the most natural form of processing leather using tannins from tree bark and plants rather than harsh chemicals. It creates a durable leather that lasts longer and is fully biodegradable at the end of its useful life. Our leather is sourced only as by-product of the meat industry, giving new life to an otherwise discarded component. Though tanning leather can be a water-intensive process, our tannery re-treats and reuses all waste water produced through the tanning process.

OUR TEXTILE LINING - The textile used for the lining in our bags is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton farmed and produced in the US. Organic cotton requires 91% less water to produce and is processed without the use of genetically modified seeds, pesticides or insecticides. Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton plants can be largely rain-fed rather than irrigated. This is due in a large part to the health of the soil and natural methods the farmers use to promote nutritious and porous soil. 

OUR BAG HARDWARE - We use premium silky smooth zippers made in Los Angeles. They are super resilient and reliable. Our bag hardware is made in Italy and triple coated for added resilience. 

OUR GOALS FOR GROWTH - In the future we plan to explore using more brass hardware in our bags. It's a tough & strong material that ages beautifully. 

The fashion industry has a massive issue with over-production that needs to be addressed and a lot of this has to do both with poor quality and excessive product releases common with many of today's brands. Findlay bags are designed to be lifetime bags. They are heritage pieces with timeless and minimalist details and thoughtful features that transcend trends and seasons. This means that the selling life is longer for our pieces and due to the nature and resilience of full grain leather, each piece will actually get more beautiful with time and use. Our Italian manufacturing partners also allow small-batch orders so we can be sure that each design is something that you will love before taking on too much inventory.

OUR GOALS FOR GROWTH - In the future we plan to continue to produce in small batches and not place reorders on pieces that haven't sold well.

This is a big one for us and touches so many areas from design, to sourcing, to shipping. As we mentioned above, we seek to minimize waste by designing pieces that can be enjoyed for decades or lifetimes, not just seasons. Our manufacturer and tannery partners in Italy also share this same mission to minimize waste. 

LEATHER - In addition to reusing all waste water from the tanning process, our tannery also offers no or low order minimums and sets quality standards high to ensure that all parts of the leather can be used. 

MANUFACTURING- Our manufacturer also goes to great lengths when cutting leather to minimize waste and smaller scraps are usually repurposed into other pieces of the design such as card slots within a bag, pull tabs or wristlet straps. The local government in Italy has very has high restrictions on the amount of the leather "waste" that can be produced overall minimizing waste is a top priority.

SHIPPING - We package our items in boxes made almost completely from recycled materials. The boxes themselves are also recyclable after use. Reducing our Carbon Footprint is also important to us. In 2022 we offset all of the carbon emissions from our customer shipments.

OUR GOALS FOR GROWTH - In 2023 we will offset all carbon emissions created from our materials shipping and finished goods shipping. We are also striving to minimize the paper used during shipping.

We are committed to supporting and sourcing from companies that share our passion for fair wages & safe working environments for all. Our tannery offers a fair living wage to all employees and full benefits. We work with an ethical factory in Italy to handcraft each of our designs. They pay their workers a living wage and have been awarded regionally for their care for both the environment and the safety of their workers.

OUR GOALS FOR GROWTH - We want to share more information with you on the wages for the companies we source from and partner with for manufacturing. 

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We started making the leather goods we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability. See how we got our start.