Leather Care

Our Natural Leather

We take pride in the leather we source. Our full grain vegetable-tanned leather is sustainably sourced from our tannery in Italy that only uses ethically farmed bovine hides sourced as a byproduct of the meat industry. The natural tanning process means that the surface of the leather is untreated allowing the unique beauty to shine through. Natural markings and variations in grain pattern and color are unique features that should be embraced. The leather is organic and minimally treated so if left to its own devices it could become dried out or crack, but routine cleaning & conditioning will allow you to enjoy your leather for as long as possible.

Cleaning & Conditioning

We recommend giving your bag a quick clean & polish every other month. Simply use a clean lint-free cloth to lightly wipe off any loose dust or dirt and grab a second cloth to apply your favorite non-tinted leather conditioner.

Our favorite conditioner is Collonil Classic Leather Gel (can be purchased on Amazon.com).

Scuffs and small scratches are normal and all part of creating a beautiful patina – they should be embraced. However, to get rid of any unwanted scuffs we have a quick tip straight from our tannery: Simply breath on the scratch and buff away with a clean fingertip.

Water Spills

Should you find yourself in a torrential downpour with your Findlay bag, try not to panic. Pat off excess water with a clean towel, stuff your bag with tissue paper to help preserve the shape and absorb any additional moisture and set it in a dry place away from sunlight. Do not apply heat directly to the leather as this could cause the leather to crack. Once the leather is damp not dry, apply a leather conditioner focusing on water stains. Allow your bag to dry completely and apply additional leather conditioner if needed.


When not in regular use, stuff your bag with the tissue paper provided or newspaper to help it retain shape. Always store your handbag inside the provided dust bag away from direct sunlight and away from heating vents.

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Leather Care

4 Easy Steps to Conditioning

We recommend conditioning your leather every other month to get the most longevity out of our vegetable-tanned leather. Watch our leather care video to learn how.