Choosing the Path of Sustainable Fashion

Posted by Andrea Randolph on

Do you know where your clothes and bags and shoes really come from? Like beyond the URL? Admittedly, conscious consumerism is a mindset shift. It means asking some tough questions and digging a bit deeper into the journey of your retail purchases. The practice of “slow” or “sustainable fashion” is a less-is-more type of approach to curating a wardrobe that focuses on exceptional quality over seasonal-trends quantity.

The core tenements of sustainable fashion include minimizing environmental impact along the supply chain, employing fair trade labor practices, and encouraging small batch production (e.g., making two to four collections per year rather than fast fashion’s 52 times a year-production). As a company we realize that it is our decisions on materials and where they are sourced that can make a positive difference. Slow fashion is better for our earth and all of its inhabitants. That’s why we love the vegetable-tanning method that only uses natural ingredients like bark, wood and plants. The absence of harmful chemicals in Findlay’s collection means it is softer and safer when it’s in contact with human skin, as well as being dependably durable and ultimately, biodegradable.

We do our homework and personally visit every manufacturing-partner and location involved in the making of a Findlay bag. With the foundation of sustainably sourced Italian vegetable-tanned leather, our bags are designed with a Minimalist aesthetic and packed with functional features that can traverse outfits and seasons with ease. We wanted to produce a fair price, luxury bag that was a classic staple and became a treasured part of your wardrobe that you can enjoy for decades, if not a lifetime.

The path to become more sustainable as a company is a constant process and Findlay still has room for growth. We are committed to being transparent about our journey and using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in all of our bags, and we are seeking to further grow in the areas of packaging and shipping. We don’t have it all figured out, but love partnering with smart and innovative companies around the world who are helping create beautiful things and honor the planet with eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We are honored and humbled to be a part of the process — improving and learning each day.

We are proud to share our collection with you. And we want you to be proud to carry a Findlay bag that encompasses a world of beauty, good, care and craftsmanship.

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