How to Build a Conscious & Curated Closet

Posted by Andrea Randolph on

01. Explore Your Closet 

Take a few minutes to peruse your current wardrobe before shopping for new items. Mix and match pieces in a new way and rediscover old favorites.  

02. Donate, Swap & Thrift

While perusing your closet, pull out pieces that no longer bring you joy to donate or swap in a clothing swap party with friends. Thrift shops and secondhand online retailers like Poshmark are a great way to both donate old pieces and search for new favorites preventing clothing from entering landfills.

03. Take care of your clothes  

Mend favorite pieces that may be a little tired and tailor clothes that may need a little tweak to make them perfect again. Follow the washing instructions carefully to get the most longevity out of your clothes.

04. Choose Quality, Buy Less 

Take time to carefully plan missing items in your wardrobe and search for the best fit. Consider investing in high quality pieces that will last many years as opposed to fast fashion pieces that are constructed to last only a few wears at best.

05. Look for Sustainable Materials

Materials like organic cotton, regenerative wool and cashmere, and full grain vegetable-tanned leather are both responsibly made and resilient. Some materials like cashmere are even self cleaning and washing is only recommended every 10 wears - a bonus for the environment and your time spent on laundry.


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