Will You Still Use it in 5 Years?

Posted by Andrea Randolph on

This question is my little shopping secret and a big reason why I started Findlay. It all started with a pair of leather boots back in 2012. I finally gathered the nerve (and funds!) to buy my first pair of leather knee-high boots off of Ebay. Before this I had fallen into somewhat of a routine. Every Fall I would buy a new pair of boots and a new work tote. I wouldn't spend much and I'd usually end up with some sort of faux leather that was either peeling and damaged or too trend forward and completely out of style by the following year. It turned into a cycle -  buy, throw out, buy again. But NOT these boots. 
I purchased these leather boots right before a trip to Europe with my husband and I wore them for 12 days straight. I couldn't believe how great they looked after all the walking we did and even after hiking 3 miles in the rain to reach an Airbnb. They felt like magic boots, and even more magical when I realized I still loved them and they were in fabulous shape the following year…and the year after that. After 10 years I finally handed the boots down to a friend.
These boots inspired not only a whole new way of shopping for me, but a whole new company and passion. I fell in love with leather for it's strength and ability to become more beautiful with time. At the same time, I began to learn about the massive waste caused by fast fashion brands and poorly made clothes and accessories. I decided to save up and choose quality staple pieces in my wardrobe and I noticed that over time I actually saved money. Plus getting dressed in the morning became infinitely easier because I loved my carefully curated closet. 
Just two years after buying the famous boots, I asked myself, "why am I not doing the same thing with my yearly work tote purchase?" I struggled to find a minimalist and chic leather bag that could transition throughout my busy day and was made with responsibly sourced quality leather. So I tried my hand at designing my dream tote and Findlay was born. I fell in love with leather even more as I traveled to tanneries and met the artisans crafting and creating leather.  
My design ethos is to find the best materials and create timeless minimalist silhouettes that highlight the beauty of the leather. I aim to make pieces that my customers and I love and will use not only today, but also 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years later. I proudly can say that I carry all of the same Findlay bags that I originally received in 2018 and have never dreamt of replacing one with a newer bag. To me they are timeless treasures that tell the stories of where I've taken them. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to chaise down this passion of mine and for all of you joining me on this journey!

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